(b.1985) Claire explores discordant imagery within patterns as a way of intertwining the harmonious nature of pattern with internal images to create curiosity. She uses our relation to certain imagery and our trust in recognizing its perceived inherent beauty through the predisposed definition. The partnership between the viewer and the content seeks to play with that transient moment between initial perceptions and the understanding that develops through exploration.

Claire grew up in a small town outside of Austin, Texas and in 2006 entered the BFA program at Alfred University School of Art and Design, in Alfred, New York. During her time at Alfred she pressed, molded and developed her love for ceramics. In 2010 Claire was nominated for the Bergren Student Innovation Award and served in the Cohen Foundation Intern Program in New York City. Since returning to her warmer roots to Austin Texas, in 2014,  she has been a yearly participant in Big Medium’s "EAST", as well as several shows across the country. 


My process begins with drawings transferred to cast plaster blocks which are used to hand press individual tiles. Typically, I begin with only an idea of the core pattern, such as figurative forms or a single directed pattern. I am drawn to visual puns and amusing juxtapositions of everyday objects, body parts, flora and fauna as another tool to draw in the viewer. The design choices grow and develop more deeply when the pattern on the wet tiles is exposed from the plaster cast. Although planning and patterning go hand and hand I allow the rhythm and weight of the pattern to develop as the production process proceeds.